You CAN Afford To Die

Sensible Advice From a Practical Funeral Director

Welcome to the website for my book, You Can Afford To Die: Sensible Advice From A Practical Funeral Director.  If you envision yourself making funeral arrangements either for yourself or a loved one at any time in the near or distant future (and Heaven knows we all will), this book is a must. I will provide you with a wealth of knowledge, common-sense practices, and practical advice when facing the inevitable.

In my 23 years in the funeral industry, I have heard questions, comments, and myths too numerous to mention. I felt it was time to set the record straight.  Why do funerals cost what they do?  I can tell you.  What can we do to keep our costs down at a most vulnerable time?  I can show you that also.

I will show you the difference between a copper casket and one made from 18 gauge steel.  I will also show you why saving $3500 on the 18 gauge is worth it. I will show you what vault makes sense to buy (the least expensive one), why you may want it or why you may not (no, it is NOT a state law). Pre-arrangements, cremation, hearses and graves (and many other morbidly curious topics) are touched upon and discussed by sharing real-life experiences from my years in the business.

After reading this book, you will be well-prepared to discuss final arrangements with your funeral professional. And more importantly, you will know how to save thousands of dollars at a time when the last thing you need to worry about is money.

– Joe Kalmer, Author

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