About The Book

Why Did I Write You CAN Afford to Die?

By reading my book, you will learn more about the deathcare industry, and those who practice in it, than you probably ever imagined. Curious and sensitive topics are discussed, candidly and openly; the only way this author knows. This book will take you behind the desk of the funeral director as he gives you practical advice when planning for the inevitable; whether it’s an immediate cremation, anatomical donation or traditional funeral with a burial.

I am convinced that by sharing my knowledge, you will save thousands of dollars when it is “your time” to make final arrangements for you or a loved one. It’s just a matter of knowing your choices and making educated decisions, neither of which is probable if you are not thinking clearly. By reading this book and taking notes at the end of the chapters, you’ll have plenty time to think clearly and document your choices.

You will receive advice you probably never thought you’d receive from a funeral director. I will show you why it’s senseless to overspend on a casket and vault. I will share tips on making pre-arrangements, why it is okay to pre-pay, and why sometimes it isn’t necessary. This, along with much more, will be at your fingertips, ready to accommodate you when it’s needed.