Find Answers. Relieve Stress. Save Money!

The last thing anyone wants to think about is money and paperwork when dealing with the loss of a loved one. But it is best to learn these things NOW, before your decision-making ability gets clouded by grief.

This book provides answers to these most-asked questions, and more . . .

  • What’s the average cost for a funeral?
  • What is involved in cremation?
  • What is the difference between funeral and cemetery expenses?
  • What does the term “deathcare” mean?
  • What are my declinable options?
  • Is embalming a state law?
  • Does a body have to be embalmed if it is being cremated?
  • What happens if my loved one dies out of state?
  • What is involved if I wish to purchase a vault?
  • How is a funeral home paid?
  • How do I pre-plan if I am not sure what things cost?

Buy your copy today to learn what is and what is NOT required when planning and paying for a funeral. This book could literally save you THOUSANDS of dollars!

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